Dimensional Measurements
Automatic Inspection
 Eddy Current Non-Destructive Testing

Marposs can supply a wide range of manual and automated applications for total quality certification of mechanical components, performing:

  • dimensional and geometric inspection

  • non-destructive testing (NDT) for detection of structural defects (by
    means of the Eddy Current technology)

  • gauging for assembly operations.

These systems are designed to provide metrology lab performances in a shop floor environment (high repeatability and accuracy).

This site contains information on: precision measuring instruments, dimensional measurement, dimensional gauges (manual and automated gauging equipment), measuring machines, gauging benches, gaging fixtures, plugs, snaps, rings, gear testing equipment, other gaging instruments, precision measurement, submicron applications, productivity improvement, production and factory automation.

Standard components

Standard measuring components are available to Marposs worldwide sales organizations, end user and gauge makers for the local production of high quality gauging applications.

Customized applications

Marposs provides special applications for manual and fully automatic inspection of mechanical components in the shop floor environment.

Among the great variety of applications, there are:

Gauging technologies

Marposs gaging applications are designed using the most appopriate technologies, depending on the situation:

Non-destructive testing

Thanks to the non destructive testing it is possible to perform a 100-percent inspection of mechanical components to make sure of their structural integrity and meet today's safety and reliability concerns.

Gauging for assembly

Marposs provides stations for gauging and selecting components on assembly lines, to obtain tight matching tolerances.
Instead of manufacturing individual components with tight tolerances, they are machined within larger tolerances and conveniently classified and matched at the assembly stage; in other cases, they are assembled with intermediate components (shims) of appropriate thickness to bring the total tolerance chain within the project specifications.


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